How Do I Do My Own CBT?

When I found out I had bad credit, I wanted to know How Do I do my own CBT? My current provider sent me to an employment counselor, but I wasn’t interested in that. What I wanted was help on how I could improve my credit score. I really wanted this because I was having a very difficult time getting a loan for something I had already secured.

The counselor started off with a standard credit report review. We discussed my accounts and why they were in trouble. Then he asked me how many times I had closed or claimed bankruptcy since my last loan. After he reviewed the details, he asked if I would like a full credit rewind. Of course, I don’t need a rewind, what I wanted was a revision of my errors and inaccuracies so that my credit would look better.

I thought I should let him know I didn’t want a rewind. The next thing he told me to do was to contact all three credit bureaus. Of course, I had to tell him where I went to college, where I currently work, and where I intend to work. He frowned when I mentioned my intention to seek a fresh start. What he said next surprised me.

What he suggested was that I contact all three credit bureaus separately. Why would he suggest that? Would that be too much trouble? I couldn’t imagine why he would suggest it. This is information I already know and it doesn’t interest me at all.

Besides, who would want to do this themselves anyway? The process would take longer and cost more. Who wants to deal with someone who knows as much as you about credit when you are trying to fix your own credit?

Finally, I found some information that interested me. Courses on credit repair are available from a number of sources. You can get them online for free. You also can attend workshops. My favorite source is the World Wide Web.

What I like about World Wide Web is the convenience and the range of information. Once I have the information, I just have to select my skills and qualifications. These qualifications are in the forms of books and articles. Books give information on books and articles provide information on articles. It’s that easy!

How do I do my own CBT? Get the books and articles. Attend workshops. You will find it is easier than ever before.

Now, I cannot stress enough that when you go to a workshop for courses in credit repair, make sure to tell your facilitator if you are a lawyer or a layman. The facilitators won’t care. All they care about is your money. So be honest.

If you can get an all inclusive course for $100 or less, I would strongly encourage that. You will save money. You may even save time. These courses will cover everything you need to know about repairing your credit and can be taken as a self paced course.

How do I do my own CBT? Start by reading the books and articles and looking up the Web sites. I have done so since I was learning the basics about my rights. If you don’t know what your rights are, learn them. It is your legal right.

Now find some friends who know about credit and finance. Sit down with them and share information. You can each pick out a few tips and advice to give to your friend. The more you share, the faster you will heal.

When you do your own CBT, be sure you understand everything you read and that you are comfortable with it. There is nothing more frightening than completing a course and finding out something you didn’t understand. Be open to questions and willing to help others. Your life will be easier.