Which Type of Therapy Is Best For a Child With ADHD – Research Choices

There are so many treatments available today which could help a child with ADHD cope with his or her symptoms. Which type of therapy is best for a child with ADHD is going to depend on the individual case and the severity of it. Children can be given stimulant based medicines in addition to non-stimulant drugs. If the child is having trouble sleeping, then a sedative might be added to the treatment regimen.

One of the common types of ADHD therapies which is often prescribed is the use of stimulant based medications. Ritalin is probably the most popular, as it is available in both the US and the UK. The UK National Health Service (NHS) have approved Ritalin for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADD. As a stimulant, it will increase the blood flow to the brain and as such may calm some of the hyperactivity in a child with ADHD.

Although stimulant based medications such as Ritalin are perfectly safe, there are some important concerns about their use. Some of them have been linked to hyperactivity. They also carry the risk of addiction after prolonged use, and should only be prescribed by qualified medical personnel. Not all children will receive the same benefits from Ritalin, because it works differently in each individual child. This is why parents should take time to carefully discuss the pros and cons of this form of treatment with their doctor.

Another option which is considered by many to be the best which is best for a child with ADHD is the use of homeopathic remedies. Made from plant based ingredients, these remedies work with your child’s natural chemistry to encourage positive responses and lessen any negative responses. Made from a special blend of herbs such as Hyoscyamus Niger, Tuberculinum, Arsen iod, and Tuberculinum, homeopathic remedies can ease the disruptive symptoms which plague so many children with ADHD.

The last option which is considered to be the best which is best for a child with ADHD is the use of psychostimulants. These are usually available as nasal sprays, pills, or a combination of both. While these medications do bring some improvement, they should only be used as a temporary measure. They should not be used on a long term basis. Also, because they work so well for some people but not for others, it is important that you talk with your child’s doctor about the possibility of giving them stimulants in the future. Doing this now, while they are still young, will ensure that they will get the benefits of this treatment when they become adults.

Which ever form of therapy you choose, it should be a safe option for your child. Stimulant based therapies have been shown to help in some cases, while parents report that natural remedies or dietary changes help in other instances. Discuss your child’s situation with the doctors and research all options available to find what will best meet your child’s needs. Remember, there is no “best” therapy; it’s just which one is best for a child with ADHD.

When considering which type of remedy to pursue, also consider the cost. Can you afford it? If not, maybe you can try a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive and effective and are a good choice for parents who want to ease their child’s symptoms without a prescription.

There is no one particular answer for this question. Every case is different. Every child is different. A therapist may have success in one child, but not in another. Which ever therapy is best for a child with ADHD, if it works it does work!