Can I Tell My Therapist Ikilled Someone?

Can I tell my therapist that I killed someone? This is a question I’m dying to know the answer. I mean if I’m put in a situation where I must explain something to a total stranger about something that happened when I was younger, what will the therapist think? What if he asks me how did I kill someone and all I can say is “I don’t remember.” I will then be judged mad at first and then embarrassed for not knowing the answer but of course my therapist won’t care because he’ll just try to find out any other information he can find.

So what can I do? I have a friend who told me once that sometimes you have to do something you don’t want to do in order to get the help you need. With that said, sometimes we do things that are more helpful in the long run. For example, my friend told me over coffee that I should not be afraid to tell my therapist that I killed someone because this man is going to kill me anyway. I should just say I was sorry and that I’m not sure if this man was threatening me or not.

When I went to see my therapist that day he just laughed at me. He told me he understood and that it didn’t matter what I told him. I had a feeling he didn’t really want to hear anything I had to say but obviously didn’t want to risk his safety by asking too many questions. But then he gave me a weird look like he thought I was on drugs or had done something wrong.

Can I tell my therapist that I killed someone? That’s a tricky one. You might think that telling your therapist something like you killed someone is a good idea but then what would you do if he said you shouldn’t do something because it will make you kill someone? This is where your therapist will begin making threats towards you and at some point he’ll have you committed. Before you give into his threats you must have the ability to think logically and avoid committing a crime.

If you’re guilty then you know there will be hell to pay. You may spend the rest of your life in jail because you are in severe violation of the law. While there is nothing you can do to prove that you are not truly sorry for what you have done, your therapist may be able to use legal issues to get you freed. In other words he can argue that since you knew ahead of time that you were breaking the law you should have never gotten a tattoo in the first place.

If you have killed someone then you deserve whatever punishment you get. You may have to spend the rest of your life in prison because you are a criminal. Even if you’re innocent there is no reason for you to be treated this way. Can I tell my therapist I killed someone because he could have helped me if he knew I was going to get a tattoo?

The truth is we don’t know anything. We can only rely on God and hope that he knows all. Some people are more proactive than others and take action to try and prevent any further trouble. Can I tell my therapist I killed someone because I could have prevented it if I would have gotten help earlier?

Some people just don’t care what happens to them. They don’t care whether or not they get a tattoo or end up in prison because they know they are doing something illegal. They just need someone to talk to. If you have made the choice to find another means of getting help then you should know you have many resources available to you.