How Do I Ask For a Disability?

How do I ask for a handicap therapist? I was at a recent book store and the book inside said “iors only” so when I asked for a disability service I really didn’t know how to proceed. A bookstore employee, who was actually in her late thirties came over to me and introduced herself. I asked her if she knew how to ask for a disability therapist.

She looked at me and said, “Oh, just like any other senior citizen.” I looked at her surprised and then back to the book she was holding. I asked her if she had ever been referred to a specialist by a friend or relative because she realized that she needed help with some of her needs. She told me that she had and that she knew how to ask for a handicap person to help her.

So I asked her what questions to ask if someone was wondering about the same thing as I did. She rattled off several questions that I could use to find someone knowledgeable in this field. One of the most important questions to ask is how they became disabled. Did they experience a traumatic event? Another important question to ask is what are their needs and how have those needs changed.

Once I had decided to ask for a disability therapist, the next step was to ask for references. I called up the various offices that I had in mind and asked them whether or not they had ever had a customer ask for a therapist. Most of the people I spoke to were not available to give me references because their clients were too embarrassed or afraid to give them. Fortunately, there were still a few that I could speak with who were willing to provide a few names of former patients for me to peruse.

Asking a disabled person to provide references was very beneficial because it provided a little piece of mind that the person really does care about providing excellent disability services. I also got a little bit of inside information about the disability services they provided. I was glad to know that most places were honest and didn’t try to hide something like poor quality of work.

When I spoke with the disability therapist, I asked her several questions. The first of these was why she would ever need to ask anyone for a reference. She informed me that not only might she be able to get the references I was looking for, but that she might also receive an endorsement from her patient herself.

The next question I asked was about the types of accommodations that she offered. The first question I asked was about the different kinds of equipment that were available to assist a disabled person. The therapist assured me that she had several and that she made them available to all her patients whether they had a disability or not. She also indicated that many of her residents were receiving some type of income assistance. I asked her whether she would have any objections if I asked her how do I ask for a disability.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to ask the question “how do I ask for a disability” because I did not have a disability. But one of my neighbors who is in a wheelchair was recently told that he could use the washroom. He is asking me whether he should be eligible for disability benefits. He told me that he had requested disability benefits but that his case was being reviewed. I hope this story can help someone else who is facing similar questions about their disability benefits.