How Expensive Is Therapy In The UK?

How expensive is therapy UK? In many ways it can be compared with medical treatments and you will often find that the same doctors who are considered to be top class will charge you very high. The thing of course is that if you do not want to go to a private psychotherapist then there are numerous free of cost and even low cost centres and agencies where you can get therapy. There is a difference however between the sort of treatment that are offered per session and that which costs hundreds of pounds per hour. So, how expensive is therapy UK?

When you are looking at how much the various therapists in the UK charge per hour, you will find that the figure is very high. This may surprise some people who believe that they can just visit their local psychologist and receive cheap therapy. If you have already carried out research on the subject then you will know that it is not so easy. Most psychologists will tell you that a decent clinical psychologist will charge anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of pounds for one on one sessions.

A group therapy session can sometimes be cheaper than individual sessions. The average cost for one on one therapy would be about two hundred pounds per hour and can go up to four hundred pounds per hour. Psychotherapy can also be delivered via modules, which include several hours of therapy at a time. The average cost per module would be about five hundred pounds. In this case it is possible that the therapist could charge as much as one thousand pounds for a module.

How expensive is therapy UK? Another way of looking at it is to look at how much the medication costs. In many cases drug companies will provide therapists with doses of their medication for free as a way of marketing their product. If you are receiving weekly injections of the drug you will be expected to make regular return visits to your therapist or you could find that your therapist won’t prescribe medication for you if you continue to have trouble with drugs.

Another way of measuring how expensive is therapy UK? As well as getting psychotherapy delivered in a professional room or group setting, you may also be required to buy your therapy medication from your psychologist or counsellor. The cost of the medication itself can vary considerably. Some psychologists or counsellors will prescribe medication to their clients on a monthly basis while others will only prescribe medication occasionally.

How Expensive is Therapy UK? You may be surprised to know that the average cost of clinical psychology in Britain is less expensive than in the USA. One reason why it is less expensive here is that clinical psychologists and other professionals who work in the mental health area aren’t as highly paid as they are in the US. On top of this there are no taxes for therapists in the UK and therefore therapists in the UK get paid according to an hourly rate.

Another question on your mind may be, how much will it cost for group therapy in the UK? Group therapy in the UK can either be a one-to-one or group type of setting. The average cost of group therapy in the UK is approximately eleven pounds per hour. As well as the hourly rate, you will usually be charged for the length of time you spend in therapy with your psychologist or counsellor. This includes both the direct time you spend talking with your psychologist or counsellor and any information you give about yourself.

So “How Expensive is Therapy” is a difficult question to answer in a simple matter of fact. The pricing will depend upon the type of service you need and the type of psychologist or counsellor that you use. In most cases you will find that it costs less than ten pounds for an hour of psychotherapy. And in the United States it can cost as much as $60 for one hour of prescription medicine.