Is it OK to Have Two Therapists?

It’s hard to say whether it’s better for a couple to see a therapist one time or the other. That decision is up to the couple. However, if you are going through a particularly tough patch in your relationship, having more than one therapist might be helpful. Having two therapists working on your marriage can help take some of the load off of you. Here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea.

A. When you have more than one therapist, you’ll likely feel like you don’t need to keep up with the therapists. Your partner will be spending more time with them and they may actually realize how much they miss having you around. You may start to open up to them more about things that you had closed to them. This will definitely help your relationship. However, you should know that not all couples benefit from having more than one therapist.

B. You’ll get to learn more about the problems that you as a couple are facing and you’ll also learn about the problems that your friends and family members are dealing with. Most people who are going through a bad patch tend to shut out the people around them. If your friends and family are seeing therapists, you may learn more about what is causing your problems. You may also find out why you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing which makes your therapy sessions so ineffective.

C. Your therapy sessions will be more fun when you have two therapists working on your problem. While one therapist is seeing the issue in your marriage, the other is working on your problems with your friends and family. It helps to have different people working on your problem because it keeps you and your therapist on your toes and working together in a positive manner.

D. When you work with two therapists, you’ll also get more personalized attention from them. You have to give them time to really understand what you need from them to help you and how you’re feeling. When you have two therapists working on your marriage problems, you have someone with whom you can discuss everything, from what the problem is and why it’s important to you to have it resolved quickly. You also have someone you can turn to for support if you get overwhelmed by the emotions you’re feeling as you try to fix your marriage. This person can be your friend or a family member.

E. If one of your friends has two therapists working on a marriage, your relationship with this friend will likely feel a lot better than if you go through the same thing with just one therapist. A therapist will have to spend a lot of time learning about your marriage and coming up with strategies to help you get past some of the key issues that are affecting your marriage. They will likely make suggestions that are good for your particular marriage situation. When you have two therapists working in tandem on your marriage problems, you can get more ideas and hopefully better solutions.

F. The cost of having two therapists working on your marriage is not as high as you might think. Most therapist companies charge by the hour. So, if you need to have two sessions with one therapist, you should be able to get two sessions for the price of just one with one therapist. In fact, you may even find a therapist who offers a discount for multiple sessions.

G. There are many benefits to working with two therapists. In addition to getting two different points of view and helping you see what’s really important to you and your partner, the two of you will also be working with trained professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. If you choose to work with just one therapist, you’ll likely not get the best advice or come up with the best solutions for your situation. Having both therapists on your side will ensure that you get the best help for your problems.