Is it Okay to See Two Therapists?

Many couples choose to see two therapists in a marriage counselor or therapist meeting. Why? There are three main reasons that this might be a good idea and not just a “two of you” session.

First of all, it gives the couple an opportunity for each of them to speak about what they would like for their therapy session. Some individuals will come prepared with an agenda and handouts. This allows for an exchange of ideas between the couple. The fact that each partner can read what the other is reading gives them a chance to ask questions and clarify their position. At the same time, the therapist can see how each partner is interacting and how the other is showing interest in the other. Both of them are being proactive in their own treatment.

Secondly, it may be more cost effective. In a professional setting such as a marriage counseling session, a therapist will pay a fee for his or her services. In addition, the couple may decide on their own if they want to have a couple’s therapy. It could be that one partner is more comfortable seeing a therapist face to face while the other feels more comfortable having a therapist video tape their session. There may also be a savings on transportation expenses for the couple.

Thirdly, couples who choose to see two therapists may get some unique insights into how each of them sees the issues at hand. This may cause some tension between the couple. However, by doing so, it will increase their trust of each other and open up channels of communication. When communication channels are open, there tends to be a greater chance that the couple will resolve their issues at hand. This is possible when each therapist has an objective point of view and is not just trying to help their client achieve their desired result.

Fourthly, it may be less stressful on the individual therapists. If a marriage counselor has many couples in his or her caseload, it may become a stress on the therapist. This is especially true if the couple does not want the marriage counseling sessions to be recorded. Some clients are willing to share what is happening with their partners if they do not feel their privacy is being invaded.

Lastly, it may be more productive. One of the most common reasons couples seek the advice of marriage counselors is to improve their relationship. By seeing two therapists at the same time, it allows each therapist to hone in on the specific needs of the couple. This may result in more productive sessions and a faster resolution to the problems at hand.

There are many other reasons couples seek marriage counseling besides to learn how to handle conflict. However, when couples are seeking marriage counseling for some other reason, it is important to consider whether the therapy is productive and beneficial. Many times couples do not have to continue seeing a therapist if they wish to end the therapy early.

Overall, it can be helpful to have two therapists if needed. In addition, it may even be better to see two therapists rather than one. Each individual therapist brings something to the table that is invaluable to the couple. When more than one person is treating a couple, chances for success are greater, and clients are more satisfied with the services of the therapist they are seeing.

When it comes to ending a marriage, it may be best to choose between seeing two therapists or having one therapist work with the couple. This decision should come from the couple themselves. If one or both of the partners are insisting on seeing two therapists, there are other options available.

Many couples who are in troubled marriages tend to “go it alone” and try to sort out the problem on their own. Unfortunately, this often does not work and it can result in resentment towards the other individual or toward the marriage in general. When there are multiple individuals who are involved in a troubled marriage, it can be overwhelming to try to sort it out alone. It is important to remember that every marriage is different. It is best to seek professional help when one party or the other is resistant or refuses to seek help.

The fact of the matter is that many couples want to work on issues together when they are trying to work through a troubled marriage. Some couples even have marriage counseling sessions on their own. However, this is not always the best idea. It should be noted that when couples work on their own it is best to seek marriage counseling services. Seeking marriage counseling services is often less costly and can be more effective at sorting the problem than trying to work on it on your own.