What is an Action Therapist?

One of the more popular terms in the behavioral health field is that of an Action Therapist. An Action Therapist is a therapist who has a background in treating children with behavioral issues, and it is their specialty. What exactly does an Action Therapist do? They help individuals and families affected by developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, developmental disorders, and cerebral palsy to move forward.

In general, an Action Therapist works with children, focusing on teaching them how to adapt to their environment, as well as helping them make friends, dealing with emotional problems, developing healthy relationships, and learning self-control. The goal of therapy for an Action Therapist is to create positive change in their clients’ lives, and to educate them on how to interact with others, deal with changes, cope with stress, and become successful at all aspects of life. The goal of therapy for an Action Therapist is not to fix the child, but rather to help them succeed in life. In many instances, they are called upon to provide parenting assistance for an aging or disabled family member, or they may have to step into the shoes of the child with developmental disabilities to help them learn to live and work in a society that does not cater to individuals with these types of disabilities. No matter where the Therapy may take an individual, or how they may be diagnosed, all therapists offer a unique combination of therapeutic techniques geared toward helping them deal with the changes taking place in their life.

Why is an Action Therapist needed in today’s society? Because behavioral disorders, including ADHD, ODD, and Asperger’s Syndrome, and the behaviors that result from these conditions, often lead to negative social outcomes, educational problems, and a host of other problems. These individuals are often misunderstood, under-diagnosed, and treated with ineffective medications. Very often, when the appropriate medical intervention is sought, the patient is labeled as having ADHD or suffering from some other disorder instead of treated for the underlying issue. In turn, by not seeking additional help, these children remain isolated and alone, without education, friendships, and a promising future. The following is an explanation of what is an Action Therapist, and how they can help those who suffer from these behaviors.

First of all, we need to recognize that there is a difference between behavior disorders and learning issues. Learning disorders are often accompanied by anti-social behaviors, including aggressive and defiant behavior, lying, stealing, and other criminal behaviors. ADHD, on the other hand, usually co-occurs with hyperactivity, impulsivity, and a host of other symptoms, which are rooted in the individual’s actual inability to function within society. When behaviors do not change, it is often left to an Action Therapist to determine if further developmental support is needed, whether the individual will benefit from medication, or if they should turn to other forms of treatment such as therapy.

An Action Therapist is a behavioral therapist. They help a child or adult who is suffering from one of a range of behaviors, and who has either lost their ability to interact normally with others, or who is excessively aggressive or self-destructive. While most children with ADHD experience positive gains when they are on therapy, some may continue to demonstrate their negative behaviors, even when on therapy. These individuals may also be the ones most desperate for attention, since therapy can give them little to no motivation. By working with the individual and teaching them new ways of behaving, rather than trying to redirect or punish them, therapists can help these children to gain the skills they need to become a functioning part of society.

What is an Action Therapist anyway? They are a therapist who is trained in several areas, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and who works with clients to help them discover and express their most powerful selves. This involves understanding the thoughts and feelings behind behavior, and learning to manage them. Once this is achieved, the client is able to more effectively control his/her thoughts and actions, and live a full and productive life. Actions can be difficult to recognize at times, but once the problem is recognized and understood, therapists can help the individual to acknowledge their actions, and work towards changing those behaviors that are detrimental to their well-being.

To do this, therapists often use a number of methods. One such method is to take the client through a process where they reflect on their behavior and how it affects their lives. By doing so, the individual begins to challenge themselves to challenge the behaviors that are triggering their negative emotions. Once this is achieved, the individual can work on ways of managing their finances, as well as finding new, more effective methods of taking care of themselves. Sometimes, a person with ADHD may find that this alone is enough to help them begin to feel better about themselves, which helps them to gain control over their lives.

When looking for a qualified professional to help with your ADHD, keep in mind that they should combine a variety of methods to best treat your symptoms. A qualified therapist should be an expert on the problem you have, as well as someone who you can trust with your feelings and thoughts. You don’t want to get stuck with the wrong therapist or treatment plan. The best thing you can do when it comes to what is an action therapist? Make sure you ask!