Which Type of Therapy Is Best For Treating Add ADHD?

Which type of ADHD treatment is best? There are a multitude of options available, and each will have a positive impact on your child’s ability to function in school and at home. There are no two families who have the same needs when it comes to their child with ADHD. In order to decide what treatment is best for your child, you must understand what factors influence ADHD and how these factors can be managed or treated.

The primary cause of ADHD is the fact that some children have a lack of ample amounts of serotonin. This chemical makes their brain work properly by regulating both their moods and energy levels. Children with ADHD are known to have less serotonin in their bodies than healthy children, and the symptoms begin to manifest as problematic behavior such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, and distractability. Because some of these symptoms resemble those of Tourette syndrome, or a type of childhood schizophrenia, many parents think that they may be responsible for the ADHD behavior.

The good news is that there are a great variety of treatments available that can address both the chemical issues and the behavior issues. One type of treatment that has been proven effective is the use of neurofeedback. This treatment is used for more severe cases and can even be used in conjunction with other types of treatment to further enhance the effects of the medication.

Which type of therapy is best for treating add ADHD? Any ADHD specialist will tell you that psychostimulant drugs are not necessarily the answer. These drugs do help relieve the symptoms of ADHD, but they are merely masking the symptoms. There are also natural supplements and alternative treatments that have been shown to be just as effective. Which ones are the best choice will depend on the specific needs of your child.

Which type of therapy is best for treating add ADHD if your child takes stimulant medications? If your child has symptoms that cannot be remedied with the traditional stimulant medications then the only logical option may be to try natural remedies. Stimulants work by altering the way your child’s brain functions. Natural supplements contain herbs and other plant based ingredients that mimic the effects that your child’s brain has when it is functioning properly.

Which type of therapy is best for treating add ADHD if your child is on lithium based medications? Lithium affects brain function and there are many behavioral problems that are attributed to this fact. For example, children who take lithium tend to have less interest in playing outside, they become irritable and have trouble focusing. Some even become homicidal. It is important to understand all of the pros and cons about lithium before deciding if it is right for your child. In fact, you should get a full medical evaluation before starting any type of treatment with lithium based medications.

Which type of therapy is best for treating add ADHD if your child has otypical behavior? This can range from hyperactivity to impulsivity. In most cases, when parents are told which therapy is best for treating their child, they are usually instructed to try the most effective type of treatment. Unfortunately, there is no pill on the market today that will work with all children the same.

Which type of therapy is best for treating add ADHD if your child has depression or anxiety? All types of psychotherapy techniques can help a child overcome these issues and return their lives to normal. Your child’s doctor will be able to determine which treatment will work best for them. There are many options available to treat add ADHD, but there are no magic pills that will give your child the power to not procrastinate and to focus. Every child is different, so it is important to talk with your child’s doctor about the options open to them and then decide which one will work best for their particular case.