Why Are Therapists A Waste Of Money?

Many people ask “are therapists a waste of money?” Therapy is not a waste of money in any way. There are many reasons to seek therapy such as coping with emotional issues, learning new ways of thinking, developing a sense of self, dealing with stressors in your life, learning how to be assertive, improving communication skills, experiencing loss and grief, coping with depression, or consolidating traumatic events. It has been shown that therapy can have an enormous impact on the lives of those who need it most. The cost of therapy is actually very small and very inexpensive when compared to the cost of suffering.

If you are suffering from trauma and abuse, it is not uncommon for you to develop trust issues with your therapist. This may cause you to be suspicious of the therapist and of the entire practice of psychotherapy. This is not a healthy reaction and a majority of therapists stress that they provide absolute confidentiality and will never share information with anyone but those patients that want to know. So why do some therapists worry that their patients won’t feel comfortable seeking therapy if they don’t want to?

The first reason that therapists worry about a bad patient is that they can’t build trust. A bad therapist can make a client feel that they aren’t good enough for the treatment they want or need. This can cause serious problems in a person’s professional and personal life. If they’ve had bad experiences in the past with a therapist they will definitely have a hard time finding someone who they can trust and feel safe with. This doesn’t mean that they won’t find good therapists, it just means that it will be harder to find them.

A bad therapist can also create fear in a person. When a bad therapist tells a client that they will get them to stop their symptoms, they can cause that person to be afraid of having another attack. This is dangerous on so many levels because when the next attack comes, it can be far worse. In a sense, therapists aren’t curing their clients, they are only covering up their symptoms.

Bad therapists can also ruin the reputation of a practice. Psychotherapy isn’t some sort of magical cure all that works wonders. It is a therapeutic process that should be done by trained professionals who know what they’re doing. A therapist who thinks that they can ‘fix’ their patients through psychotherapy is a therapist who has a lot to lose. The people who seek therapy are typically looking for answers to their problems and a trained therapist can provide that.

A final reason why some clients are afraid of going to see a psychotherapist is that the psychotherapy session can be uncomfortable. Bad therapists will use techniques like telling the person that they are not making themselves feel good, or that they need to repeat something that they have said several times. These techniques are abusive and they can lead to a person feeling worse after the session. In essence, therapists are just wasting time when they go this route with their patients.

So, if therapists are not waste of money, why do some people think that they are? If a client feels like the therapist is trying to use manipulative tactics, or if the therapist makes them feel uncomfortable or uses bad language, the client may very well feel that they got used. Unfortunately, in the United States we have therapists who practice these techniques regularly, because they are cheaper than other forms of therapy.

If you think that therapist is a waste of money, maybe you should reconsider that opinion. Therapy sessions are not wastes of money. They actually provide an important part in recovery. In fact, therapy is a great investment of your time and your money because it helps you to create change in yourself, so that you can eventually become a healthier and happier person. If you ever find yourself in need of therapy to help you cope with an abusive situation, try looking for a local therapist with experience and a reputation for being compassionate, understanding, and supportive.